Monday, January 22, 2007

Sun Sparcstation 10 -- right 2 hours for an install

Ok, so it takes more than 2 hours to install Solaris 7 on this old hardware even with it being a dual proc station. It's working on it. I'll post more when it finishes. So 7 will not load on it ... I'll have to try again later with a linux distro and see what happens then.

Ok so I decided to try it again with solaris 7 or 2.7 and it's going alot better I had to turn off and unplug the external drive house with it's 4 drives for it to start working. I may have the id set up wrong or a bad drive somewhere in the mix I don't know yet I'll wait till I get the os loaded then plug it back in and see what happens then.

So it loaded the os and the internal drive gave all kinds of errors ... so I started over with the internal drive pulled out... still get drive errors on the external 4. So I may have to find some new drives and see if I can get a good drive or if the scsi controller on board is the bad apple ... if so it will be time to give up on this sparcstation and look for ways to use a really nice sun monitor, external hdd encloser, and two cd-rom dirve enclosers.